Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our House! (Still in progress)

Here is a slideshow of our house in the making pics. There is a video included. Enjoy!

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More Spring Break- Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio

Hello again,
Below is another slideshow of pics from our Spring Break trip. These photos are from the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, TX.

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Our Spring Break/ Anniversary Trip

We had the pleasure of taking a quick trip back in March to College Station, Salado and then San Antonio for our Anniversary. We met up with my brother, Aaron, and his girlfriend, Mandy, in San Antonio. We did the guys room & girls room thing. That was fun! No passing gas, no burping. It was wonderful! Take a look at the slideshow below. At the end there is a video of Charlie the Cardinal. He was hillarious. We actually see him everytime we go to the cabin!

Click to play Spring Break08

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Where Have I Been???

Hello all,
I have no excuses about not posting. I have created cards, but most of them were for showers at work or birthdays, etc. Work, working on my masters degree and our house being built has taken over any free time I have had. I have pictures to post of our semi-house. It is a house if it has a roof and windows, right??? We signed papers back on our anniversary actually, March 18th- right before we left to go out of town for our Spring Break/ last vacation sort of thing before the house payments begin.This is my hubby holding up our sign in front of our "out" house. Look at those beautiful trees behind our lot! This picture was taken right after we got back from our trip. We were surprised to see that the lot had been cleared in under a week- 6 days I think. When we had left it was full of trees still.

Yes, I was so excited to see the forms up the following weekend after that. Things have been moving so fast.Here is the foundation. I was so amazed to see all of the trenches and wires. I never thought before how deep and how much goes into a foundation.

So, while all of this was happening, my parents were on a cruise with other people from church in the Panama Canal. SO, I texted my dad and said, "We have cement!" He texted back, "What color did you pick out?" I guess you have to know my dad.
Another week later and I called to say, "We have wood!!"Today we have a roof, windows, doors, the sides of the house, hardiplank on the back of the house (which is painted by the way), and they were still working on the shingles while we were there. After I upload those pics I will post some. I am sure I will be posting more tonight and this weekend. I am working on stuff right now that is hush hush, but I will post the pics as soon as it is given to the person. That's all that I can share about it now:) Also, since next Saturday is the National Scrapbook Day- my sis and I are attending a full day of scrapbooking. We will be creating 9 2-page layouts. I am syched! I will share next weekend what we make:)