Thursday, August 02, 2007

Uggh! Anyone else having issues with COMCAST internet??

Ever since Comcast took over Time Warner here in Houston, we have had nothing but trouble with our wireless internet. We never had issues like this before. The past two weeks, it seems like it is almost a daily issue where we have to shut down everything, unplug routers and modems wait ten minutes and replug and restart. This happens up to 5 or 6 times everynight almost. I call them and they merely say it is not their problem. Their server does not like wireless modems and resets or something. I am not sure the customer service people know exactly. The guy I have spoken to can't keep up with his end of the conversation, just tells me there is nothing they can do since the cable is working. And yes it is working, but I have no choice but to use wireless with my laptop. The cable port is broken and unless I want to hold it physically in a weird position and type onehanded I can't use it.

I still believe it is a issue with their server bumping wireless modems or resetting itself constantly. Ok, done venting. Smile, make cards, ok:)

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