Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At the beach . . .

The third class on Friday night was led by Suzanne Fitzsimmons and she is a Stampin' Up demo- I don't have a link for her. We made a beach scrapbook spread. Again, I did not quite finish getting it all put together, so I took pictures of her samples. We sponged around cloud shapes to make the sky and sponged on the tips of the waves. We used the watercolor crayons and she has a recipe for mixing glycerin and water to use as a blender pen in the waterpens (you put water in them and squeeze as you use them- not sure exactly what they are called, but it blended much easier than just plain water. Might be a cheaper alternative than purchasing blender pens. She did mention that she bought a certain kind of glycerin otherwise it didn't mix well. As soon as I email her I will post the recipe if anyone is interested. Here are the pics:

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