Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My new COWBOY- Western stamps

Okay, so I just happened to feel the need to go out and check the clearance areas of JoAnns and Michaels today. My hubby, graciously decided he would go with me:) I think when he goes, he keeps me in line so that I won't go crazy buying stuff. At JoAnns, I found some neat looking metal dots and tons of adhesive ribbons. They had these value packs that were marked down to $4.97 from $20. They had at least 20+ packages of adhesive ribbons and embelishments. Some were not my taste, but to get so much- it was well worth the money.

Okay, so on to the best part, at MICHAELS I was hoping to get some more clear stamp sets inthe dollar bin, but they were completely out. I did come across these neato cowboyish stamps.

I am so excited to use them that I decided to snap pictures to show you. They had matching ribbons, etc to go with the stamps, but I resisted. If you saw my stamping table/room, you might say that I was a ribbon-aholic.

Have a great day. I might be able to squeeze in some time to stamp before we leave for our pre-July 4th party tonight.

Happy Stamping!!

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Sharon said...

I sure wish they would sell those stamps at my Michaels. I haven't seen them but they look sooo cute! Love your bella cards!