Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goodies I found at JoAnns

Hello again! I was so disappointed a couple weeks ago when I went to Michaels to get those dollar clear stamp sets. I wanted to pick up some for the pay it forward thing, but they were all out. We had finally cleared them all out. Well, to my surprise- yesterday at JoAnns- in the clearance section of course- nowhere near the stamp or scrapbooking stuff- I hit pay dirt. My mom and my eyes nearly popped out of our heads. We quickly picked up the container and began browsing and selecting our merchandise. I picked up 16 sets:(- I know that is really really bad!!! BUT- I thought I had only selected 14. 8 for me and 6 for other people. Here is a pic of some of them. I have already unwrapped some and started playing with them.

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